All Things Kids has the largest selection of Playmobil in Greater Austin


drop_cap_icon_smHey — it’s not bragging if its true.  If you want Playmobil, we’ve got more variety and a greater selection than anyone else in Central Texas.  Playmobil is amazing.  The power of a child’s imagination, the endless stories and characters that dance in their hands are brought to life with Playmobil.  These high quality figures and kits from Germany have been in children’s toy chests for 40 years, every year bringing a new theme to collect. Playmobil hands were designed to be capable of gripping and holding objects. All figures have hands that rotate at the wrists and almost all Playmobil figures are unnamed, thus allowing children to invent their own characters.
We grew up with these high-quality toys and have very fond memories of the adventures along the way – this is why we have the largest select of Playmobil in the greater Austin area!