Carl’s Corner

carl_smHi, I’m Carl.

I’m 8, but by the time you read this, I’ll already be older.  I’m in charge of product testing, quality control and standards compliance here at All Things Kids.  My job is to ensure that all the products and services we offer in our stores meet our high standards of exceptionality, uniqueness and craftsmanship.  It’s not enough for the toys we carry to have high educational and play values. They they also have to be fun.  And cool. And at the end of the day, kids have to really like them. So I put the toys here through a rigorous evaluation process.  Along the way, I record my thoughts about some of the stand-out toys I evaluate, and share those observations with you right here in the Carl’s Corner page of this website.

So check by here often, as I’m adding new segments to this page all the time.

LOCAL AUTHORS, on KEYE TV “We Are Austin” Show



LOCAL AUTHORS, on KEYE TV “We Are Austin” Show



Channel Craft Toys, on KEYE TV “We Are Austin” Show



LAQ, the award-winning construction toys from Japan


Teddy Mountain, Do-It-Yourself stuffed animals


Interview with Chet Garner, star of the PBS Show “The Day Tripper,”
Great toys for taking on day trips