The Ultimate marble run from Switzerland


drop_cap_icon_smCuboro is the ultimate marble run from Switzerland and has held our fascination for many years.
Cuboro is a marble track system consisting of cubed elements made of natural beech wood 5x5x5cm. Cuboro elements feature functions on the surface as well as tunnel functions. Countless combinations are possible – starting from simple two-dimensional ones up to highly complex three-dimensional ones The inventor, Matthias Etter, envisioned Cuboro when he was working with disabled children (some with motor skill disabilities, some with injuries rendering them unable to get around much, some with autism). Having seen the power of simple marble runs to absorb the concentration and develop some critical skills and awareness, he set about to create what has become perhaps the finest, most open-ended wooden marble construction toy available.
Cuboro has a place in every middle school in Switzerland and of course both in our Play Zone and in our Summer Classes.